Add privacy friendly comment section to your blog

Increase engagement on your blog by adding a powerful comment section with markdown and social authentication support in minutes. No coding skill required.


Easy Installation
Add Emgrid to your blog in just minutes
Dark Mode
Emgrid supports both dark and light modes.
Markdown is supported making it easy to style comments.
Social Auth
Users can login using twitter, google, github.
Get email notifications on comments and replies
Coming Soon
Detailed blog analytics, with victors, page clicks and much more

How It Works

Add Emgrid to your website in minutes, in few easy steps
step 1 illustration

1. Add your domain

Add a name and your domain name to whitelist the url

2. Copy the script

Copy and paste the generated embed script where you want to display comment on your website template.
step 2 illustration
step 3 illustration

3. Enjoy Emgrid

Enjoy Emgrid on your blog, and increase engagement with your readers.


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No coding skill required
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